​Owners Todd and Lori Jansen come from humble beginnings. Originally from Atkinson, a small farm town in Nebraska, this couple has proven that with hard work, persistence and a lot of love anything is possible. After moving to Branson in 1996 their family of 6 began to grow and experience new opportunities that are unique to Branson. By 2004 Sugar Leaf Treats made their first cookie. 

As the demand for their cookies began to grow the hardworking couple knew they were in need of more space. They established their first store front in the Engler Block and hired their first employees but still kept the majority of the work within the family. Todd and Lori have always been the first to extend a helping hand to anyone in need. Donating pastries, breads, and meals to different benefits, this selfless couple loves to give back to the community who welcomed them with open arms years ago. 

Over the years, as rumors spread of their homey café and delicious treats their business began to grow. Some visitors have fallen in love with the family atmosphere, some have fallen in love with the flavorful recipes and some call from hours away for all of their wedding needs. With the Jansen's mission to make each cookie, cake, and meal with as much love, flavors, and zest as possible they have many who travel to Branson just to seek out these delights in their new home in the Grand Village Mall. The enticing aromas and welcoming atmosphere are often hard to resist even for the unsuspecting passing shopper. Any day of the week you can stop in and meet Todd, Lori, and their son Wayd. Behind the scenes their oldest daughter Amanda handles orders and billing and the two youngest daughters, Melinda and Mallory, stop in to help when they are in town. Needless to say with the strength and faith of this family anything is possible.

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